BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Le 03/01/2017

Thierry Escaich Composer Portrait concert / BBC National Orchestra of Wales, dir. Franck Ollu

“Such is [his music’s] energy and buoyancy that the listener is carried irresistibly in the flow. To counterbalance this apparently unstoppable force, Escaich concerns himself with structure and, in characteristically French fashion, also explores the colour and timbres of sound, with sometimes cataclysmic peaks.”
Guardian, janvier 2015

CD Concerto pour orgue n° 1

Le 03/01/2017

Orchestre philharmonique de Liège, dir. Pascal Rophé, Olivier Latry / Concerto pour orgue n° 1 (Accord)

“His concerto exploits the full sonic and colour ranges of the orchestra and organ in this thrilling three-movement work, the second rising to an awe-inspiring climax only topped by the shattering coda of the finale.”
Gramophone, septembre 2014

BBC Proms

Le 03/01/2017

Orchestre de Paris, dir. Paavo Järvi / Saint-Saëns, Symphonie n° 3 avec orgue / BBC Proms

“Saint-Saëns’s Organ Symphony (No.3) is becoming quite a Proms favourite — this was its third performance in the past six years — and with the mighty Albert Hall instrument in full-throated voice for the finale, it’s not hard to see why. It wasn’t until the last stages, however, that Paavo Järvi let his Orchestre de Paris off the leash, allowing soloist Thierry Escaich to pull out the stops, leading to a roof-raising ending.”
Evening Standard, septembre 2013

“With Thierry Escaich at the organ, the pomp and circumstance of the finale brought the house down.”
Guardian, septembre 2013

CD Les Nuits hallucinées

Le 03/01/2017

Les Nuits hallucinées / Orchestre national de Lyon, dir. Jun Märkl (Accord/Universal)

La Barque solaire with organ is an exhilarating race for organ and orchestra, in which the organ, played by the composer himself, melts into the symphonic material to pulse and beat with the flow of the music…the entire symphonic poem with organ weaves its own path, brought inevitably by its necessary interior: a strength which the writing conveys as a strong and impressive wildness, until its final explosion which resounds like a triumphal note.”
Classique News, mai 2011 

“This is surely this year’s most significant contemporary music release…In listening to these three new works, each as successful as the other, one can recognise the essential qualities of Escaich’s music; the originality of his harmonies, the richness of his orchestration and an unerring understanding of shape.”
L’Express, mai 2011 


• « Quant à Thierry Escaich, c’est le MUSICIEN PARFAIT. C’est aussi un professeur d’écriture et d’improvisation exceptionnel. »
André Isoir, Classica, 08/2008

• « Der Komponist des finalen Programmpunkts: Thierry Escaich, JENER 1965 GEBORENE MUSIKALISCHE HEXENMEISTER, der sein Studium am Pariser Conservatoire mit nicht weniger als acht ersten Preisen gekrönt hat. Dieser genialische Improvisator, dessen einzigartige Stegreifkunst man 2005 bei seinem Freiburg-Debüt in St. Johann live bewundern konnte »
Badische Zeitung, 16/07/2009



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• Thierry Escaich improvise sur le FAUST de Murnau : l'art d'accompagner les films muets
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