Tanz-Fantasie trp & piano


C or B-flat trumpet & piano

5 mn

• World premiere: 12/05/1998, first round of the Markneukirchen International Competition (Germany).

• Publisher: Gérard Billaudot.

• Commissioned by the Markneukirchen International Competition (Germany).

• CD “Récital Romain Leleu” (Indésens INDE008).

This piece was originally written in 1997 for the final of the Markneukirchen International Trumpet Competition in Germany, in a version for piano and trumpet, then transcribed in 2000, for organ and trumpet. Again we find a dance with constantly irregular and constantly changing metrics, based on the alternation of a motive in repeated notes and a more lyrical melodic phrase. The dance is preceded by an introduction in the form of a questioning, in which the thematic material arises from short sequences punctuated with rests.

Thierry Escaich
​(Translation: mrp – Virginia Olivier)